Going into this weekend’s race in Mexico, only 12 points separate Verstappen and Hamilton at the top of the drivers’ championship with F1 set for its first title finale in Abu Dhabi since 2016.

In the pre-race drivers' press conference, Hamilton was asked about Wolff’s suggestion that a collision between F1’s two contenders could ultimately decide the outcome of the title race.

“Firstly I haven’t read what Toto has said but I highly doubt he would insinuate that would ever be the case,” Hamilton said ahead of this weekend’s Mexico City Grand Prix. 

“We’ve never won a championship in that way, I’ve never won a championship in that way, and would never want to. So that’s from my perspective and my point of view. I’m here to win and in the right way, and that’s through sheer skill and determination and hard work.”

Hamilton is no stranger to intense title battles in F1 having been involved in dramatic finales in 2007, 2008, 2010 and 2016.

The seven-time F1 champion pointed towards his track record and how he’s always raced cleanly in the past with the title on the line.

“You know how I’ve won my championships in the past, I always want to win it the right way, and if you’re going to lose it then you lose it the right way also, with dignity and knowing that you’ve given it your all and you’ve done things the right way and you worked as hard as you could,” Hamilton added.

“That’s all you can do is give it your all and work as hard as you can with your team. If it doesn’t work out then you live to fight another day.”