According to Sports Business Journal, F1 and Las Vegas officials are in advanced talks to bring a night race to ‘The Strip’ from 2023. 

With F1’s growing popularity in the US, the sport is keen for another race with Las Vegas the likeliest destination.

F1 is keen for it to be added from 2023, although delays may push it back until 2024.

Austin has been a mainstay on the F1 calendar since 2012, while Miami hosts its inaugural grand prix in May.

F1 last visited Las Vegas for two races back in 1981 and 1982 at Caesars Palace.

Following disappointing crowds, F1 didn’t return after 1982.

Recently, Singapore signed a seven-year contract extension to remain on the calendar until 2028.

Saudi Arabia and Qatar - new additions to the F1 circus - are on 10-year deals, while Miami has a long-term deal.

Qatar is expected to return to the 2023 calendar after being omitted from the 2022 calendar due to the FIFA World Cup in the winter.

China is also likely to return next year after missing 2020-2022 due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 

With 2022 set for a record-breaking 23-race season, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see an even longer season in the future.