Russell’s helmet has been predominantly red since making his debut in 2019, the same colour Schumacher ran for the majority of his illustrious F1 career.

Schumacher spent three seasons with Mercedes from 2010-2012, running an iconic red helmet with seven stars on in tribute to his title triumphs. 

Russell will make his full-time Mercedes debut at the Bahrain Grand Prix next month and he’s opted for a black colour scheme.

“Quite different in colours compared to what I’ve had previously,” said Russell in a video on social media. “I’ve gone for quite a bold black this season. The reason for that is I wanted to bring forward a really bold colour.

“I’ve mainly had red on my helmets previously but a red helmet in a Mercedes I thought is very Michael Schumacher, and I wanted to respect that and go in a different direction. I’ve brought forward the black, I’ve got the red on the side with the [sponsor] Crowdstrike, and bringing forward this blue detailing which I really love.

“I think it looks really cool and really aggressive.”

Russell and teammate Lewis Hamilton will take the covers off the new Mercedes W13 on February 18 before a shakedown at Silverstone later that day.