Volvo has hinted it could pursue an involvement in the burgeoning FIA Formula E Championship, despite suggesting it is going to turn its attentions away from motorsport altogether.

The Swedish manufacturer's racing involvement has been limited to touring car competition over the last two decades, focusing mostly on domestic championships but briefly entering a works-funded effort in the WTCC in 2011, while it is currently racing in the Australian V8 Supercar series.

However, despite enjoying success down under, changes in Volvo's marketing strategy has thrown any future motorsport involvement into doubt, with Vice President of marketing and sales Alain Visser claiming in an interview with Auto Motor Und Sport that racing isn't in its DNA and that the likes of Jaguar and Land Rover maintain a premium image without motorsport.

Expanding further on his point, Visser labelled the emphasis on events like the Le Mans 24 Hours by rivals Audi, Toyota, Nissan and Porsche as 'dumb' in terms of value for money and exposure.

"I would say that Le Mans is the absolute dumbest racing class you can run," he said. "It cost 20 million euros to drive a car and you get press coverage for 24 hours. Then it's quiet for a year! There are clearly better investments."

Despite this, Visser says Volvo isn't ruling motorsport out entirely and points at the new Formula E Championship as an opportunity for the Swedish firm to align its marketing goals as a premium manufacturer with an environmentally-friendly image.

"We have looked at this," he continued, adding there would be no entry in 2016. "There is no decision on participation, but it's definitely something that we look at. Audience figures and the press coverage is still quite limited but this is a motor racing concept which I absolutely believe can grow.

"We follow the series very carefully and have done really deep analysis but has not yet taken a decision. When you have a limited budget to spend one must consider carefully where the money invested. In comparison to other motorsports, it is much better value for money in the Formula E."

Following this year's inaugural season, the regulations are expected to open up from 2016/17 with a view to enticing more manufacturers and firms to come in and adapt the electric technology.



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