British billionaire and DS Virgin Racing team owner Sir Richard Branson believes that Formula E will overtake Formula 1 in the next decade, leading the way for energy technology in the automotive industry.

Branson previously enjoyed involvement in F1 firstly as a sponsor with Brawn before setting up his own Virgin Racing team that went on to become Marussia and then Manor.

The British businessman behind the Virgin brand set up his own Formula E team upon the inception of the series in 2014, and linked up with French manufacturer DS the following year.

Speaking to the South China Morning Post, Branson repeated his claim made in 2015 that Formula E would one day surpass F1, predicting it would happen in the next decade.

"It’s been incredibly exciting. It’s growing very rapidly, every season they’re bringing in new initiatives," Branson said.

"I’m willing to forecast that 10 years from now, if Formula 1 continue in their current way, I think Formula E will overtake it.

“And so it should, because the world should be powered by clean cars. We’ve all got to wean ourselves off dirty cars, and Formula E can lead the way in that.”

Branson has long been an advocate for cleaner and more renewable energy sources, and feels Formula E has been helping this charge by improving the perception of electric.

"Formula E has done a lot to raise awareness of things like climate change. We’re in a position to inspire people from both race fans to governments to play their part in tackling things like climate change," Branson said.

“The team really wants to use it to accelerate initiatives that help the world achieve the goals of Paris Climate Accord. It’s just a fantastic platform to shine a light of advancing technologies in electronic vehicles.

“And also to show the world electric cars aren’t slow and boring, but they’re cool and fun. And sustainable.”