Formula E confirms qualifying format change, 2021/22 calendar revealed

The FIA has announced Formula E will run an entirely new qualifying format for the 2021/22 season following a meeting of the World Motor Sport Council on Friday.
Formula E confirms qualifying format change, 2021/22 calendar revealed

Formula E’s previous format received heavy criticism for artificially creating a close championship because the championship contenders were forced to qualify in the first group - when the track conditions were at their worst. 

Drivers in the subsequent groups tended to benefit due to track evolution or conditions improving significantly. 

Qualifying will now begin with two groups of 11 drivers, based on the drivers’ championship going into the event.

The two groups will have 10 minutes to set a lap time with no restriction on the number of lap opportunities to achieve a time (at 220 kW power level).

The top four in each group will progress into the knockout format, dubbed as “duels”.

The fourth-fastest driver in Group B will face the fastest driver in Group A; the third-fastest in Group B will go up against the second-fastest in Group A; the third-fastest in Group A will go head-t0-head with the fastest in Group B; finally, the fourth-fastest in Group A will compete against the fastest in Group A.

In a typical knockout format, the ultimate winner of the final will start on pole position, while the loser will start second on the grid.

All duels will take place at 250 kW power level.

The FIA has also confirmed the Formula E calendar for next year.

The season will start on January 28-29 in Diriyah, before heading to Mexico City on February 12.

The campaign will finish in South Korea on 13 & 14 August, with trips to Jakarta (Indonesia), Vancouver (Canada), New York (USA) and London (United Kingdom) all before that.

2021/2022 Formula E calendar in full: 

Diriya, Saudi Arabia - January 28 & 29

Mexico City, Mexico - February 12

TBC - March 5

TBC, China - March 19

Rome, Italy - April 9

Monte Carlo, Monaco - April 30

Berlin, Germany - May 14

Jakarta, Indonesia - June 4

Vancouver, Canada - July 2

New York City, USA - July 16 & 17

London, UK - July 30-31

Seoul, South Korea - August 13-14

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