Fassbender span out of control on a straight, crashing into the barrier and causing a red flag.

He was able to drive his Porsche 911 RSR, for Proton Competition, back into the pits. Porsche confirmed he was unharmed.

The actor, aged 45, has been training for this race for the past four years. He has already taken part in the Porsche Carrera Cup and the European Le Mans Series.

He is teaming up with Zach Robichon and Matt Campbell.

“It’s exciting and scary,” Fassbender said.

“It’s the history and the respect for the place that gets you, I just hope that I perform well, after this four-year journey. I feel like another four years would have been good! Anyway, it’s almost surreal to be here.

“There’s something so addictive and magical that’s hard to put into words. As soon as I left the track I wanted to go back on again immediately. Even the town itself, you can feel the race is in the blood here.

"It’s proper motor racing.”