The collaboration between Veloqx Motorsport and Care Racing, using cars built and developed by Prodrive, paid off handsomely once again as the two Ferrari 550 Maranellos run by the Veloqx Care Racing team finished first and second in the GTS category - and fifth and sixth overall - in the six-hour Le Mans 1000km.

Jamie Davies, who drove car #88 with team-mate Darren Turner, completed a personal 'double', as he was also a GTS victor at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in June.
The #88 car had a trouble-free run all afternoon, with just a misting windscreen in the early stages being the only hindrance for the young all-British duo.

"It's just fantastic," Davies grinned, "My second win at Le Mans this year and a perfect end to 2003. The Veloqx team prepared the car immaculately and Michelin did a superb job. A great result and a great feeling."

The second Maranello of Peter Kox and Tim Sugden finished just one lap behind, having experienced a minor set back early in the race which saw a gap widen between the two cars.

The race began at noon in wet conditions, but the rain did not continue for long and the rapidly drying track opened up the lottery of tyre choice throughout the field. After a nose-to-tail chase with the Larbre Chrysler Viper, which saw the GTS lead change several times, Dutchman Kox elected - along with his highly experienced engineer Eddie Hinckley - to switch to slicks.

The choice was timely, and Kox then pushed hard to distance himself from the Viper. Unfortunately, however, a spin on what were then very used tyres towards the end of the stint put the #80 car into the gravel, costing considerable time before it was retrieved and sent on its way back to the pits for fuel and new tyres. Further time was lost when the safety car came out and it went a lap down.

"I'm obviously happy for the team, but disappointed with my own result," Kox admitted, "I made a mistake and it probably cost us the race."

In the meantime, the sister Ferrari 550 of Davies and Turner took the GTS lead, a position it was not to relinquish before the chequered flag.

"My stints went really well and I'm really happy with the result," Turner said, "There was a possible incorrect tyre choice early on, but perhaps we weren't the only ones caught out by the changing conditions. The safety car definitely helped us and, overall, all the guys did a great job, bearing in mind the team only had two weeks to get to know these cars."

Sugden, driving the Maranello for the first time this week, did an excellent job for the team and performed consistently and reliably all afternoon, equally matching the pace of the other car.

"During the race, I erred on the side of caution, not wanting to do anything silly in the treacherous conditions," he said, "It would have been easy to make mistakes - but it's great to get a podium."