Rollcentre Racing boss, Martin Short has revealed that the team have purchased two 2002 ORECA Dallaras for 2004, and that they will enter the new Le Mans Endurance series [LMES], in conjunction with the Sebring 12 hours and the Le Mans 24 hours, the latter subject to being granted approval.

Speaking yesterday, Short revealed: "I am delighted to announce that Rollcentre Racing have purchased the two 2002 ORECA Dallaras that finished fourth and sixth at Le Mans last year.

"We will be entering the classic Sebring race, and the Le Mans Endurance Series of four 1000km races for 2004. The Le Mans 24 hour race will be the jewel in the crown should we be invited to participate.

"Drivers so far will be Joao Barbosa and myself, and we are looking for a suitable driver to join us to fill the third seat. Joao made a big impression on us, and everybody else at Spa when we won the 1000km race in the Mosler, and I have vowed to do my best to support this exceptional driver in his career, hence he was my first choice. He will still remain as the works Mosler driver."

For the British GT series meanwhile, where the team has competed for sometime, Short added: "I am likely to take on a more managerial role with British GT, and look to getting some young chargers into our Mosler GT and Noble Cup cars."

"We spent two months looking long and hard at the Prototype scene, and I drove an LMP900 at the Le Mans 1000k's to really research the class," continued the Brit. "After that event we made the decision that we wanted to run a car ourselves, and we wanted it to be an LMP900 for the strength of construction and reliability, as well as the speed. The best car that we could buy we believe is the Dallara, and we made contact with ORECA and very quickly made an agreement to buy two cars and a spares package. The cars are in beautiful condition and ORECA have pledged their support in helping us.

"This gives us the ability to run the one car with very strong support, and to run the second car when we have found our feet should there be enough interest. The engine will continue to be the Judd 4 litre V10, although we did look at the Judd 5 litre, but with such a short time to Sebring we want as little change as possible in the short term.

"Rollcentre is now in the unique position of having cars in a distinct progression through the sports car ranks, with the Noble in GT Cup, with the Mosler in NGT, and with the Dallaras in LMP 900. We feel that this gives our drivers, and their sponsors unique opportunities.

"We are delighted to be able to support the Le Mans Endurance Series for 2004 and British GT with our Moslers and Noble."



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