The beauty of Supermoto is that it appeals to just about anyone with an interest in bikes. Road racers, motocrossers and of course die hard Supermoto fans all love the tyre-squealing, sideways action it produces and that is why the Supermoto World Championship Review 2009 is a must.

At three hours long you will need plenty of time put aside to enjoy every minute of it. With both S1 and S2 classes covered there is an abundance of racing from all over Europe. And as if that isn't enough the Supermoto of Nations is also included in this bumper DVD.

This is a very well covered Championship and each round has great commentary as well as plenty of graphics to keep you up to speed on the grids, championship standings and even the manufacturer standings. There are interviews with the winners after each round so you know exactly what has gone on and don't miss a thing.

Former Motocrosser, Paul Malin, gives his views ahead of every event. It is interesting to hear how each track challenges the riders in different ways. At Mallory Park keeping momentum was the key where as Lombardia was difficult because of the sandy nature of the off road section - you wouldn't know that without some expert intervention from Malin.

The round at Mallory Park was the first time the World Supermoto Championship has been held in the UK and even the British weather held up to do us proud. The track was superb utilising the road race track as well as a nifty off road section.

The variation of the circuits at each location was as impressive as the racing each created, tarmac bowl turns, street circuits with interesting cambers and not to mention drain covers all added to the excitement.

On board shots were well used to show the hustle and bustle at the start of a race, they also showed the circuits off to their best advantage.

As this sport is an interesting cross over you actually see Moto GP star Toni Elias on flag duty in Andora. While Giovanni Bussei, former World Superbike rider, competes in the S1 class, so there are reasons for road race fans to be interested.

There isn't a moment of the thrilling title chases in both S1 and S2 that isn't covered in this DVD. Thierry van den Bosch snaring his fourth world title by the seat of his pants in the S1 class will keep you on your toes. The S2 class takes it right to the wire with a three way battle culminating in Adrien Chareyre taking his third world championship.

A tonne of racing, great commentary and plenty of sideways action, the Supermoto World Championship Review 2009 is just what you need to wile away the winter blues.

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