Kelly, girlfriend of Stefan Everts, gave birth to a healthy baby boy Friday at 17.55 in the Vergajesse hospital near Hasselt (Belgium).

Liam weighed an impressive 3 kg 760 grammes and measured 53 cm. Actual labour only lasted about 30 minutes.

Stefan was overjoyed with their firstborn.

"I could not even imagine before how emotional this was. It was simply amazing!" said Everts. "I have seen the video already three times and I could not fight my tears once."

Kelly and Stefan treated gender, and consequently the name of their baby, as a well kept secret during pregnancy.

"We had two other names in mind in case of a boy, but we really like Liam because it sounds so nice," said Everts.

Whether Liam Everts will become the third generation motocross champions behind daddy Stefan and granddad Harry remains to be seen. Just for now having his milk and sleeping is already more than enough pressure.