Diogo Moreira ends the second day of Official 2023 Moto3 pre-season testing at Portimao on top of the timesheets, beating his own best time from Session 2 in the final Saturday outing.

Track action takes place from 9:30am to 5:30pm, from Friday-Sunday, with the Moto2 and Moto3 classes each having three track sessions per day.

The season-opening race weekend will be held at the same circuit on March 24-26.

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2023 Portimao Moto3 test times, Saturday - Session 3

1Diogo MoreiraBRAMT Helmets - MSI(KTM)1m 48.353s
2Daniel HolgadoSPARed Bull KTM Tech3(KTM)1m 48.694s
3Scott OgdenGBRVisionTrack Racing Team(Honda)1m 49.031s
4Romano FenatiITARivacold Snipers Team(Honda)1m 49.169s
5Riccardo RossiITASIC58 Squadra Corse(Honda)1m 49.174s
6David AlonsoCOLGASGAS Aspar Team(GASGAS)1m 49.232s
7Jaume MasiaSPALeopard Racing(Honda)1m 49.277s
8Kaito TobaJPNSIC58 Squadra Corse(Honda)1m 49.300s
9Stefano NepaITAAngeluss MTA Team(KTM)1m 49.329s
10Ivan OrtoláSPAAngeluss MTA Team(KTM)1m 49.350s
11Tatsuki SuzukiJPNLeopard Racing(Honda)1m 49.412s
12Ayumu SasakiJPNLiqui Moly Husqvarna Intact GP(Husqvarna)1m 49.445s
13José Antonio RuedaSPARed Bull KTM Ajo(KTM)1m 49.509s
14Syarifuddin AzmanMALMT Helmets - MSI(KTM)1m 49.676s
15Joel KelsoAUSCFMoto Racing PruestelGP(CFMOTO)1m 49.735s
16Matteo BertelleITARivacold Snipers Team(Honda)1m 49.735s
17David SalvadorSPACIP Green Power(KTM)1m 49.774s
18Filippo FarioliITARed Bull KTM Tech3(KTM)1m 49.796s
19David MuñozSPABOE Motorsports(KTM)1m 49.797s
20Xavier ArtigasSPACFMoto Racing PruestelGP(CFMOTO)1m 49.865s
21Ryusei YamanakaJPNGASGAS Aspar Team(GASGAS)1m 49.897s
22Collin VeijerNEDLiqui Moly Husqvarna Intact GP(Husqvarna)1m 49.945s
23Deniz ÖncüTURRed Bull KTM Ajo(KTM)1m 49.985s
24Lorenzo FellonFRACIP Green Power(KTM)1m 50.155s
25Taiyo FurusatoJPNHonda Team Asia(Honda)1m 50.379s
26Mario AjiINAHonda Team Asia(Honda)1m 50.508s
27Joshua WhatleyGBRVisionTrack Racing Team(Honda)1m 50.623s
28Ana CarrascoSPABOE Motorsports(KTM)1m 51.109s

Jaume Masia was fastest on day one ahead of Romano Fenati and Tatsuki Suzuki.

A wet start in Portimao meant only four riders elected to set a time during the opening Saturday Moto3 session, before Diogo Moreira set the fastest time of the weekend so far in Session 2...

2023 Portimao Moto3 test times, Saturday - Session 2

1Diogo MoreiraBRAMT Helmets - MSI(KTM)1m 48.369s
2David MuñozSPABOE Motorsports(KTM)1m 48.564s
3Daniel HolgadoSPARed Bull KTM Tech3(KTM)1m 48.781s
4Ayumu SasakiJPNLiqui Moly Husqvarna Intact GP(Husqvarna)1m 48.795s
5Scott OgdenGBRVisionTrack Racing Team(Honda)1m 48.854s
6Xavier ArtigasSPACFMoto Racing PruestelGP(CFMOTO)1m 48.881s
7Joel KelsoAUSCFMoto Racing PruestelGP(CFMOTO)1m 49.155s
8Riccardo RossiITASIC58 Squadra Corse(Honda)1m 49.244s
9Tatsuki SuzukiJPNLeopard Racing(Honda)1m 49.386s
10José Antonio RuedaSPARed Bull KTM Ajo(KTM)1m 49.441s
11David AlonsoCOLGASGAS Aspar Team(GASGAS)1m 49.478s
12Jaume MasiaSPALeopard Racing(Honda)1m 49.552s
13Romano FenatiITARivacold Snipers Team(Honda)1m 49.635s
14Ryusei YamanakaJPNGASGAS Aspar Team(GASGAS)1m 49.702s
15Filippo FarioliITARed Bull KTM Tech3(KTM)1m 49.717s
16Syarifuddin AzmanMALMT Helmets - MSI(KTM)1m 49.830s
17Ivan OrtoláSPAAngeluss MTA Team(KTM)1m 49.952s
18Deniz ÖncüTURRed Bull KTM Ajo(KTM)1m 50.003s
19Mario AjiINAHonda Team Asia(Honda)1m 50.062s
20Joshua WhatleyGBRVisionTrack Racing Team(Honda)1m 50.090s
21Matteo BertelleITARivacold Snipers Team(Honda)1m 50.105s
22Collin VeijerNEDLiqui Moly Husqvarna Intact GP(Husqvarna)1m 50.193s
23Kaito TobaJPNSIC58 Squadra Corse(Honda)1m 50.418s
24Stefano NepaITAAngeluss MTA Team(KTM)1m 50.443s
25Lorenzo FellonFRACIP Green Power(KTM)1m 50.481s
26David SalvadorSPACIP Green Power(KTM)1m 50.508s
27Taiyo FurusatoJPNHonda Team Asia(Honda)1m 50.564s
28Ana CarrascoSPABOE Motorsports(KTM)1m 51.010s

Fastest Day 1 lap time:
Jaume Masia  SPA Honda 1m 48.416s (Session 3)

Portimao Moto3 lap records:
Best lap:
Sergio Garcia SPA GASGAS 1m 47.274s (2020)
Fastest race lap:
Gabriel Rodrigo ARG Honda 1m 47.610s (2021)