Last year's drama filled MotoGP season helped pull in an additional 243,690 fans, for a record-breaking total of 2,717,314 trackside spectators.

That's an average of 150,962 fans at each event, with all circuits enjoying an increase in weekend attendance relative to 2014.

Here is a rundown of the top ten most popular MotoGP rounds of last year, followed by a summary of all 18 rounds...

2015 Czech Republic MotoGP (Gold & Goose)
1. Czech Republic MotoGP, BrnoEvent attendance: 248,434 fans (+7,739 fans over 2014)
Race day attendance: 138,752 fans (+440 fans).
2014 ranking: 1st.

The Czech Republic round once again topped the MotoGP attendance list in 2015, leading the way for both race day crowd and weekend total. But despite such popularity, funding problems have repeatedly cast doubt on the event's future.

The 2015 race had been in jeopardy until Dorna stepped in with two months to go. A new five-year deal was then announced in August, involving the creation of a new body acting as the promoter of the event, but the round was still listed as 'subject to contract' on the provisional 2016 calendar.

Fortunately, it was announced yesterday that the paperwork has been completed, thus securing Brno's future until 2020.

2015 Spanish MotoGP (Gold & Goose)
2. Spanish MotoGP, JerezEvent attendance: 243,570 fans (+14,154 fans)
Race day attendance: 122,551 fans (+5,550 fans)
2014 ranking: 2nd.

Jerez has long been legendary for its huge crowds and the first European round of the season didn't disappoint in 2015.

The circuit lost out on the top spot to Brno by just 4,864 fans, closing the gap on its Czech counterpart thanks to a healthy increase of 14,154 weekend fans.

Sadly, a huge crowd is not all Jerez shares with Brno. The Spanish circuit has also faced financial difficulties and is still currently listed as 'subject to contract' for 2016.

2015 Valencia MotoGP (Gold & Goose)
3. Valencia MotoGPEvent attendance: 217,000 fans (+20,000 fans)
Race day attendance: 110,130 fans (+9,130 fans)
2014 ranking: 4th

While the top two events held their positions from 2014, a 2015 title showdown resulted in a sold-out Valencia finale, helping the event move from fourth to third on the attendance list.

Valencia's 20,000 weekend increase was also the biggest for any circuit outside of Italy.

2015 German MotoGP (Gold & Goose)
4. German MotoGP, SachsenringEvent attendance: 211,588 fans (+2,180 fans)
Race day attendance: 92,122 fans (+2,721 fans)
2014 ranking: 3rd.

The mid-season Sachsenring round may have slipped from third to fourth, but it completes the quartet of events to boast over 200,000 fans.

2015 French MotoGP (Gold & Goose)
5. French MotoGP, Le MansEvent attendance: 183,161 fans (+5,088 fans)
Race day attendance: 93,531 fans (+5,309 fans)
2014 ranking: 5th.

While Valencia and Germany swapped places, the French Grand Prix at Le Mans maintained its fifth position from 2014.

The circuit added 5,000 fans, pushing its race day crowd above the Sachsenring.

2015 Catalunya MotoGP (Gold & Goose)
6. Catalunya MotoGPEvent attendance: 176,027 fans (+12,982 fans)
Race day attendance: 97,200 fans (+4,355 fans).
2014 ranking: 6th.

While sixth for overall attendance, Catalunya (like Assen) punches above its weight in terms of race-day crowd.

The 97,200 Sunday fans - many of whom made the relatively short commute from Barcelona - was the fourth highest of the season.

2015 British MotoGP (Gold & Goose)
7. British MotoGP, SilverstoneEvent attendance: 154,250 fans (+16,250 fans)
Race day attendance: 73,000 fans (+5,500 fans).
2014 ranking: 7th.

Although it retained seventh place, Silverstone's weekend growth of 16,250 fans was the fifth highest of the season.

The Silverstone figures are even more impressive given the wet Sunday weather. Indeed, the British MotoGP was the most well attended wet race of the year.

Fans were rewarded with an action packed MotoGP race, then victory for home hero (and future Moto3 champion) Danny Kent.

2015 San Marino MotoGP (Gold & Goose)
8. San Marino MotoGP, MisanoEvent attendance: 152,394 fans (+63,729 fans)
Race day attendance: 92,315 fans (+37,772 fans)
2014 ranking: 15th.

Spurred by home hero Valentino Rossi's title challenge, the big improver of 2015 was Misano, which jumped from 15th to eighth in part due to a sold-out race day crowd of 92,315.

Overall, Misano pulled in a massive 63,729 more fans than in 2014, 37,772 of them for the race.

2015 Malaysian MotoGP (Gold & Goose)
9. Malaysian MotoGP, SepangEvent attendance: 150,563 fans (+19,638 fans)
Race day attendance: 88,832 fans (+6,936 fans)
2014 ranking: 10th.

Despite some hazy weather blown in from neighbouring Indonesia, the tightening MotoGP title race helped the penultimate round at Sepang pull in almost 20,000 more fans.

That in turn saw the Malaysian event overtake Indianapolis as the most popular event outside of Europe. The race itself produced a few talking points as well...

2015 Indianapolis MotoGP (Gold & Goose)
10. Indianapolis MotoGPEvent attendance: 145,548 fans (+12,741 fans)
Race day attendance: 67.648 fans (+5,813 fans)
2014 ranking: 8th.

Despite a very respectable weekend increase of 12,741 fans, what looks to have been the last Indianapolis MotoGP slipped from eighth to tenth on the attendance list due to greater gains by other venues.

Sunday rain is sure to have been a factor, although the afternoon MotoGP race was dry.

2015 Dutch MotoGP (Gold & Goose)
Honourable mentions
Although Assen just missed on the top ten for total weekend fans, it deserves an honourable mention for the 97,150 Saturday spectators - the fifth highest race crowd of the year.

Likewise, Mugello may only be twelfth overall, but it pulled in 28,143 more fans than last year, including 13,014 on race day, a level of growth beaten only by the other (more accessible) Italian round at Misano.

Although only ranked 16th, Motegi also deserves credit. The Japanese circuit found over 15,000 fans, including 8,129 on the Sunday, despite a wet race. Only Misano, Mugello and Valencia saw greater race-day growth.

The full rundown of 2015 race attendance can be seen below...

MotoGP 2015 attendance: All 18 rounds1. Czech Republic MotoGP, BrnoTotal: 248,434 fans, Race day: 138,752 fans.2. Spanish MotoGP, JerezTotal: 243,570 fans, Race day: 122,551 fans3. Valencia MotoGPTotal: 217,000 fans, Race day: 110,130 fans4. German MotoGP, SachsenringTotal: 211,588 fans, Race day: 92,122 fans5. French MotoGP, Le MansTotal: 183,161 fans, Race day: 93,531 fans6. Catalunya MotoGPTotal: 176,027 fans, Race day: 97,200 fans7. British MotoGP, Silverstone*Total: 154,250 fans, Race day: 73,000 fans8. San Marino MotoGP, Misano*Total: 152,394 fans, Race day: 92,315 fans9. Malaysian MotoGP, SepangTotal: 150,563 fans, Race day: 88,832 fans10. Indianapolis MotoGPTotal: 145,548 fans, Race day: 67.648 fans

11. Dutch TT, AssenTotal: 142,150 fans (+11,150), Race day: 97,150 fans (+7,150)
2014 ranking: 9th.
12. Italian MotoGP, MugelloTotal: 129,452 fans (+28,143), Race day: 90,477 fans (+13,014)
2014 ranking: 14th.
13. Argentine MotoGP, Termas de Rio HondoTotal: 130,360 fans (+4,399), Race day: 50,234 fans (-2,515)
2014 ranking: 11th.
14. Americas MotoGP, COTATotal: 119,673 fans (+755), Race day: N/A fans (N/A)
2014 ranking: 12th.
15. Aragon MotoGPTotal: 114,131 fans (+1,800), Race day: 67,122 fans (+538)
2014 ranking: 13th.
16. Japanese MotoGP, Motegi*Total: 85,403 fans (+15,132), Race day: 50,985 fans (+8,129)
2014 ranking: 17th.
17. Australian MotoGP, Phillip IslandTotal: 84,100 fans (+6,200), Race day: 35,200 fans (+3,200)
2014 ranking: 16th.
18. Qatar MotoGP, LosailTotal: 19,500 fans (+1,610), Race day: 10,820 fans (+800)
2014 ranking: 18th.

* Wet race.