BT Sport MotoGP presenter Suzi Perry picks out her five favourite races for, listed in chronological order...


Criville, Doohan, Biaggi. 500cc podium, Jerez 1998 (pic: Gold&Goose).

1998 - Spanish Grand Prix, Jerez
"This is a purely a selfish memory. It was my first GP for Sky - I had been covering WSBK previously - and my first interview was with Mick Doohan.

"It was a very different world back then and I had to set it up myself, so I wandered into his garage with my cameraman, introduced myself to Mick and we did the interview. Easy! You couldn't do that now!

"I patrolled the paddock and pit lane getting all the material for the show, in between watching the 125s, 250s and 500s. The smell of two-stroke thick in the air and there was a young gangly Italian who only spoke a few words of English.

"It was a great weekend and I knew that I had the best job in the world."


Rossi celebrates, Welkom 2004 (pic: Gold&Goose).

2004 - South African Grand Prix, Welkom
"It was the season that Valentino Rossi switched teams from Honda to Yamaha. Finally all the hype was over and it was time for him to do the talking on the bike. Against all odds he won the season opener at Welkom.

"I remember him with his head in his hands, we thought maybe he was shedding a tear, but in fact he was laughing in disbelief! It was a pivotal moment, proving that it is the rider that really makes the difference."


Nicky Hayden is world champion! (pic: Gold&Goose).

2006 - Valencia Grand Prix
"It had been a phenomenal season, Hollywood-esque, you really couldn't have scripted it. The power battles between Honda's Nicky Hayden and Yamaha's Valentino Rossi, the technical difficulties, the on-track action. It was unquestionably one of the most exciting in recent times.

"Rossi was going for his sixth consecutive title and came to the final round in Valencia ahead in the standings. I was setting up the race from the grid and the tension was palpable: Vale vs Nicky, Honda vs Yamaha, Italy vs America.

"What unfolded was extraordinary. Troy Bayliss came in and won the race, but Rossi fell and Hayden took his title. He realised a dream and the iconic images of his celebrations still make me go cold. Now more than ever. God bless Nicky."


Rossi vs Stoner, 2008 US Grand Prix (pic: Gold&Goose).

2008 - US Grand Prix, Laguna Seca
"This race had everything, including one of the greatest battles between Casey Stoner and Valentino Rossi. They both pushed so hard throughout it was spectacular to watch, the passes were breath-taking and some of the best I've seen in the sport.

"It was packed full of tension, mistakes and epic bravery that has come to define the riders in GP. It's a truly unforgettable race and one that still gets talked about nearly ten years later by fans and riders.

"It was MotoGP at its absolute best and I still miss seeing Casey on the track."


Rossi passes Lorenzo for victory at final turn, Catalunya 2009 (pic: Gold&Goose).

2009 - Grand Prix of Catalunya, Barcelona
"One of the most epic finishes, where Lorenzo pushed Rossi right to the absolute limit. I still scream at the screen when I watch it back. Again, this was just superb racing - it had everything! I had missed a few races that year due to illness but this race made me feel so happy to be back."


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