The Men and Motors TV magazine, Bikes Aloud is now available on DVD and has ten copies to give away.

Some amongst us may have seen Bikes Aloud on Men and Motors but now all can see the hilarious antics of the presenting team on DVD with the release of Bikes Aloud Uncut.

The DVD contains all the best bits from the first series including the road test of Valentino Rossi's MotoGP RCV211 and the equally outrageous MTT Y2K jet bike with a 425ft/lb, 325 hp helicopter jet engine.

The presenters make this series not just another Top Gear with bikes programme, instead their comical antics give the DVD a great deal of repeatability, which is what we all want for our money.

Chris Moss, a no-holds-barred northerner, John Cantile, the extremely opinionated southerner and the luscious not-just-a-pretty-face Louise Brady, takes the viewer through some of the most extreme bike and clothing tests you are ever likely to see.

For instance, to demonstrate why we need to wear leather clothing on a motorcycle, John Cantile allows himself to be dragged behind a car at 30mph to show the viewer what effects the road has on his leathers.

The DVD also includes the bits they weren't allowed to show you on TV, with over half an hour of the funniest outtakes in existence, this DVD makes 90 minutes fly-by.
If that wasn't enough there is a whole section of comedy riding tips from the 2003 BSB champion Shane 'Shakey' Burns, a shoot out between a single-seater race car and a Rizla Suzuki GSX-R1000 piloted by Niall Mackenzie, and a race between the quickest delivery riders in London to find out who's got the fastest food.

The DVD is priced at ?14.99 and can be bought from HMV and alike and also on the net from This is a seriously funny DVD and a must for any bike fan, male or female.

For those interested in seeing more pictures of the gorgeous Louise Brady, visit her website at has ten copies of the DVD to give away in yet another fantastic competition. Enter Now!

[Pic: Martin Cullum]



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