After Marc Marquez clinched the 2019 MotoGP world championship, his status as one of the sport’s greatest of all-time continues to rise but where does that put him alongside the best of the very best.

With eight world championships, the Repsol Honda rider can be considered one of the greatest riders in history but weighing up his place among the top 10 isn’t an easy feat.

While Giacomo Agostini remains unchallenged at the top of the most titles list with 15 world championships in total, greatness cannot be solely put down to the number of crowns gathered across a career.

Making a mark in the sport, doing something nobody has done before and rewriting the MotoGP rider manual are all factors in this discussion. Introducing new riding styles, different techniques or simply doing something nobody else on the planet can copy can all be considered signs of greatness.

Not to mention elevating the sport to new heights, or even surpassing it, in terms of popularity and interest from across the globe which a certain Valentino Rossi can claim to.

This means the list of GOATs can never be definitive as over time new feats and new accomplishments will be recorded. Rather than trying the near-impossible of comparing riders from different eras, this top 10 assesses each rider’s achievements in their respective careers on their own merits and the impression they have made on the sport.

But fresh from Marquez sealing the 2019 world title, here is how we see the top 10 greats in MotoGP to date…