The top three speak: Marquez: "During practice I was so comfortable. I expected it to be difficult to open a gap. I decided to wait, but in that transition it was a big fight. In the last four laps I gave it everything." Rins: "Incredible! I have no words. It was a difficult race. I felt very sick this morning, but thanks to the Clinica Mobile. That was a fantastic race." Viñales: "Not pleased as I thought I could win. I had arm pump on the right side. I'm happy the bike was at the level and I was able to have fun again."
MotoGP results: Marquez, Rins, Viñales, Dovizioso, Rossi, Crutchlow, Lorenzo, Zarco, Bautista, Miller, Iannone, P.Espargaro, A.Espargaro, Redding, Pedrosa.
Marquez coasts home, a majestic performance, on a par with one of his very best, but Rins passes Viñales at Ramshoek on the final lap for 2nd! His best performance in MotoGP! Rossi attempts to mug Dovizioso at the chicane, but runs it wide, allowing the Ducati man to take 4th. Wow.
26/26: What. A. Race.
26/26: Marquez's lead is 1.8s - he was holding back and playing them at his will. But we still have a great fight for 2nd here.
25/26: Marquez puts in a low 1m 34! He has 1s in hand. He's pulled the pin. Rossi is under Dovizioso at the chicane, but runs off track at T1! Viñales, Rins and Dovizioso plough through. Crutchlow's mistake at T8 allows Rossi through to 5th.
24/26: Marquez is turning the screw, his lead now up to 0.5s...
22/26: Viñales has recovered brilliantly, as has Marquez. The Honda leads, with Dovizioso 2nd, Viñales 3rd and Rossi back to 4th - make that 3rd, as he passes his team-mate at the chicane. Rins and Crutchlow are now back into this! 6 riders again!
21/26: Viñales and Marquez come together at T9! They're both off track and Dovizioso and Rossi are through! Rossi leads at the chicane!
20/26: We have a breakaway of 4! Marquez is under Viñales at T1 - Dovizioso and Rossi are there. Rins, Lorenzo Crutchlow and Zarco now 1st back.
19/26: Viñales by Marquez again, Lorenzo losing another place to Rins. Viñales now leading, under Dovizioso at T7! Marquez follows him through. Rossi lurking in 4th. Huge moment for Viñales on the exit of T11!
18/26: This is a magical race, with Lorenzo and Dovizioso passing one another through the chicane and turn 1. And Viñales is under Marquez for 3rd at T1! But Lorenzo has had a bad lap, losing places to Marquez and Viñales. Lorenzo loses another place to Rossi at the chicane.
17/26: Rossi passes Viñales at the chicane on lap 16 but the Yamahas are back with the leaders. And Lorenzo is under Marquez at T7! Brilliant stuff, with the Ducatis 1-2.
15/26: Marquez under Lorenzo at Ramshoek.
15/26: Viñales is back under Rins at T8 for 4th - the front three are getting away.