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2018 MotoGP German Grand Prix Live: As it happened.

Last Updated: 15 Jul 2018 - 14:14

Read our 2018 MotoGP German Grand Prix live coverage.

Welcome to our 2018 MotoGP German Grand Prix commentary.

The 2018 German Grand Prix took place on Monday July 16, 2018. Read our MotoGP live commentary to see the coverage as it we reported it live.

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The podium men speak: Marquez, fresh from a quick chat with 5-time champion Mick Doohan: "It was quite hard at the beginning because the tyre was not perfect. It was difficult to overtake the Ducati. I saw Valentino closing so I decided to push. To win 9 races in a row here is great." Rossi: "The Sachsenring is a difficult track for the M1. I'm so happy. I did a fantastic race. I never made any mistakes. Last year I looked at Folger last year and thought we have to do the same. It's a great way to go on holiday." Viñales: "I'm not really pleased. The electronics weren't great, and I was losing 7 or 8 laps at the start. The bike is working well and we have a great chassis. We need to keep working."
MotoGP results: Marquez, Rossi, Viñales,Petrucci, Bautista, Lorenzo, Dovizioso, Pedrosa, Zarco, Smith, Syahrin, Iannone, Rabat, Miller, Redding, Bradl, Luthi, Abraham, Simeon.
30/30: Marquez wins his 9th consecutive German Grand Prix. It's been an exhibition of control from the reigning world champion, who looks entirely capable of winning his 5th premier class crown with time to spare. Rossi 2nd, Viñales 3rd.
29/30: Viñales nabs 3rd from Petrucci at T8 with a great move! If only he could do this at the start of races, he'd be fighting Marquez for the title.
27/30: Marquez is in cruise control, leading Rossi by 3s. Viñales is chasing Petrucci down for 3rd. Lorenzo is in a whole world of pain, running wide again at T1, and Bautista takes full advantage.
26/30: Petrucci is under Lorenzo at T1! And Viñales, who passed Bautista a lap ago, is next, passing his countryman at T12. Don't rule the #25 out of a podium place.
25/30: Petrucci smells a podium here, and has closed in on the Majorcan. Lorenzo's soft front tyre must be wearing.
23/30: Marquez is taking the mick, putting in another fastest lap. He was playing with them early on before breaking them mid-race. Viñales is under Dovizioso at T12 for 6th.
22/30: The official Ducatis are having some issues, with Dovizioso dropping behind Bautisa to 6th. Viñales isn't far away.
22/30: Lorenzo, the only rider to run the soft front, runs in hot to T1. And Marquez ekes out another few tenths. He's stretching this front three apart.
19/30: But Marquez responds, posting a fastest lap just after Rossi did so. And he's off, putting half a second into his pursuer. He's controlling this at will.
18/30: Fastest lap of the race for Rossi! Marquez's lead is down to 0.6s! Marquez is on the soft rear, Rossi the medium. Could that be pivotal in the final 5 laps.
18/30: Lorenzo throws it up the inside of Rossi at T1, but he's in hot, and runs wide.
16/30: Bautista is giving Dovizioso something to think about. And Rossi is through to 2nd after the Majorcan ran well wide at T9/10! Marquez lead is up to 1s.