2019 MotoGP Dutch TT Grand Prix Live: As it happened.

2019 MotoGP Dutch TT Grand Prix Live: As it happened.

Last Updated: 30 Jun 2019 - 14:19

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Welcome to our 2019 MotoGP Dutch TT Grand Prix commentary.

The 2019 Dutch TT Grand Prix took place on Monday July 1, 2019. Read our MotoGP live commentary to see the coverage as it we reported it live.

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Viñales: "I have no words! I just want to congratulate all the team. I'm so excited. Right now I'm living my dream because it's been such a long time without a win." 


Marquez: "It's like a victory. I saw Viñales was faster than me. I chased him just to get away from Quartararo. But I'm happy, this is a track where we struggle and we were there. Very happy!"


Quartararo: "It was really difficult to move the bike. I led the race for the first time so I'm happy. I hope I can rest my arm a bit now because now it's hard."


MotoGP results: Viñales, Marquez, Quartararo, Dovizioso, Morbidelli, Petrucci, Crutchlow, Mir, Miller, Iannone, P.Espargaro, A.Espargaro, Oliveira, Bagnaia, Syahrin.... CLICK HERE for the full results


26/26: Viñales is back! A brilliant win for the Catalan, coming home 4.8s clear of Marquez. Quartararo makes it back to back podiums, while Dovizioso just holds off Morbidelli and Petrucci.


26/26: Viñales has been immense. He's a full second quicker than everyone. A 1st win of the year is just around the corner.


25/26: Mir's back to 8th after running off track at T3! Dovizioso still holds 4th, a decent result all things considered. 


25/26: Marquez has backed off and acknowledged 2nd will be enough. Viñales' lead is now 2s.


24/26: Morbidelli has passed Mir and now sits just behind Petrucci. 4th is still within reach. 


24/26: Viñales now has 0.7s in hand. This is his to lose. 


23/26: Marquez isn't taking this lying down. Not by a long shot. He's keeping that gap at 0.5s - nothing more.


22/26: Morbidelli has some real pace now, and he's joined the Dov-Pet-Mir fight. Crutchlow has lost time after nearly tagging his rear end into T1. 


22/26: Another personal best time from Viñales on lap 21 - the 2nd lap in a row he's done that. He has some breathing space now, 0.5s ahead.


21/26: Viñales' lead is up to 1/2 a second. 


20/26: We've waited 2 and 1/2 years for this, but finally we have the Viñales-Marquez punch up. It's finely poised. Quartararo is 1.5s back in 3rd. 


19/26: Mir's got by Petrucci! A phenomenal showing by the rookie, who sits 4th at present.


This was how much speed Quartararo lost with the earlier head-shake from his Yamaha on the back straight...


19/26: Dovizioso's really in trouble. Now Mir's past at De Strubben.


18/26: Quartararo is out of this fight for the victory. The Dutch TT is now a two-rider duel - and what a duel it is! Vinñales is back through under T12! 


18/26: Viñales makes a mess of T1 and suddenly Marquez is 0.4s clear! 


17/26: Petrucci has passed Dovizioso at T5.