2019 MotoGP German Grand Prix Live: As it happened.

2019 MotoGP German Grand Prix Live: As it happened.

Last Updated: 21 Jun 2022 - 09:14

Read our 2019 MotoGP German Grand Prix live coverage.

Welcome to our 2019 MotoGP German Grand Prix commentary.

The 2019 German Grand Prix took place on Monday July 8, 2019. Read our MotoGP live commentary to see the coverage as it we reported it live.

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Stefan Bradl's war wounds

Marc Marquez's replacement said to Speedweek: "I don't know why I finished the race.

"I was more than 21 seconds behind the second-to-last.

"You feel stupid when you look like the last fool in the German Grand Prix.

"It was terrible. Honda failed to provide a fairing that would allow riders to survive the heat.

"This message must be heard. This situation is not acceptable."




Marquez's 5th win of 2019 is enough for him to extend his championship lead over Andrea Dovizioso to 58 points. 


Marquez: "My strategy was to warm up the tyres for two laps and then push. That's what I did. In the end I was just riding, enjoying and thinking about my brother. From FP4 until we felt really good. I'm really happy to have the summer break in these conditions."


Runner-up Viñales: "It was a really tough race! We played our cards and knew the hard tyre would be best for us. We knew second was our best result so I have to say thanks to the team. We are getting consistent and it's great to be on the podium again."


Crutchlow: "I always thought this would be a good race. We were 17th in FP4 - laughable. I tried to put pressure on Maverick but I had a big moment on the rear tyre and was happy to take the podium."


MotoGP Race - Results: Marquez, Viñales, Crutchlow, Petrucci, Dovizioso, Miller, Mir, Rossi, Morbidelli, Bradl, Rabat... CLICK HERE for the full results


30/30: Marquez cruises to his 10th straight win at the Sachsenring, coming home 4.5s clear. Crutchlow takes a fine 3rd, with Petrucci holding off Dovizioso and Miller for 4th.


30/30: Petrucci is still fighting, going under Dovizioso at T1 for 4th! 


29/30: Crutchlow is wide at T9 while harrying Viñales. That's decided 2nd in the Catalan's favour. 


29/30: Petrucci won't lie down, impressive after his huge Q2 fall yesterday. He's back by Miller at T1.


28/30: Good fight for 4th here: Dovizioso is under Petrucci at T1 after the Italian moved by the previous lap at T12. They're both wide, allowing Miller to get under Petrucci. 


27/30: Dovizioso picks Petrucci's pocket for 4th at T1, while Miller does the same to Mir, who had taken the Australian at T12 on the previous lap.


25/30: Is Mir having issues? Now Miller is under the only remaining Suzuki at T1. Rossi is waiting to get through.


23/30: Dovizioso has found a way by Mir, making a move at T1. Now he's pushing Petrucci for 4th.


22/30: Crutchlow is really harrying Viñales for 2nd. This is as close as he's been to the Yamaha man.


21/30: Mir's under Dovizioso at T12.


20/30: Mir is attempting to save Suzuki face. He's by Mir at T12. You'd have to say the Ducatis of Petrucci and Dovizioso ahead are well within his reach.


19/30: Rins crashes out of 2nd at the Waterfall!


17/30: Miller's in trouble now as Dovizioso out-brakes his fellow Ducati man at T1. Morbidelli, Rossi and Mir are now waiting impatiently behind.