Dovizioso: "It was the last corner - I had to try! If I arrive too long I can finish 2nd easy. I felt so strong in that moment. It's something in the past I was thinking about. I'm so happy for all the people working so hard and for Luca."


Marquez: "I'm happy because we made a big mistake with the rear tyre. Everyone else was with the soft and it had more grip. I was sliding a lot the rear. Dovi did an incredible job but we're leading by 58 points."


Quartararo: "An incredible race. We chose the soft tyre and I still don't have the experience of managing it. Even when I was leading I tried to save it. Then I managed the gap to Valentino."


MotoGP Race - Results: Dovizioso, Marquez, Quartararo, Rossi, Viñales, Rins, Bagnaia, Oliveira, Petrucci, Morbidelli, Nakagami... CLICK HERE for the full results


Well, well, well. Just when you have the feeling this is getting predictable, MotoGP throws up a race like that. What. A. Race. 4 straight Ducati wins here in Austria. And that's up there with their very best. 


28/28: Dovizioso steals victory off Marquez with a brilliant move at T10! He picks the world champion's pocket at the final curve! What a ride by the Ducati man and what a comeback. That's up there with his Motegi '17 performance. 


28/28: Dovizioso is under again at T1! But Marquez holds the tighter line and leads into 3...


27/28: Dovizioso has another bite at T1 but he's wide! And now Marquez has breathing space coming out of 3! That could be it...


26/28: Marquez is under Dovizioso at T7 - there's a response at T9 but Dovizioso is in too hot! Marquez leads onto the start-finish straight.


26/28: Rossi is holding firm in 4th place with Viñales and Rins unable to bridge those two tenths to make a move.


25/28: This is tense... Surely a Marquez move is incoming here. Dovizioso will have to be at his very, very best if he can halt the Marquez freight train here.


23/28: Dovizioso drops the pace by around half a second. He's pushing, but that familiar #93 shadows his every move. 


22/28: The quiet before the storm here. Marquez is surely catching his breath behind the #04 Ducati. 


21/28: The leaders drop the pace by a full second. Dovizioso doesn't want to give anything away. Behind, Viñales and Rins have caught Rossi. 


20/28: Change of the lead! Dovizioso drives by Marquez along the main straight to lead into T1! Finally some questions are being asked of Marquez. But this isn't over. Not by a long way.


19/28: Viñales is now just 0.5s back of Rossi.


18/28: Nakagami has hit problems and is dropping down the top 10. That leaves Oliveira in a fine 8th and the top KTM. 


17/28: It's a two-rider fight at the front! Marquez and Dovizioso are together. 


15/28: The gap between Rossi and Viñales is down to 1s. It was 1.4s a few back. The Catalan is gradually closing in.