Michelin currently selects three different rear tyre options – a soft, medium and hard - for use at each MotoGP race weekend.

Each rider then receives a total of 12 rear tyres: a maximum of six of the soft specification, four of the medium and three of the hard.

Michelin also sometimes offers an extra (fourth) tyre option in the case of a new circuit or untested track surface.

A Grand Prix Commission statement explained that in order to ‘decrease the number of tyres that are produced and transported by Michelin but ultimately not used’ a ‘survey was conducted amongst all MotoGP class teams in order to determine future tyre allocations’.

The feedback from the teams was ‘overwhelmingly’ in favour of having just two rear slick specifications at each event from 2023.

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Michelin will decide which two specifications are brought to each round next season - soft and medium, medium and hard, or soft and hard – with the 12-tyre total then being divided as follows:

7 soft + 5 medium


7 medium + 5 hard


7 soft + 5 hard

All three of the current rear tyre options could be used in Sunday's Catalunya MotoGP race.