MotoGP riders rage after Jorge Navarro red flag fiasco

Marc Marquez will demand to know why last week’s Moto2 race was not red flagged as Jorge Navarro lay with a broken leg.
Jorge Navarro crash, Moto2 race, Australian MotoGP, 16 October
Jorge Navarro crash, Moto2 race, Australian MotoGP, 16 October

Navarro crashed at Phillip Island and then collided with Simone Corsi - he sustained a broken femur and internal bleeding.

But the race continued as he lay injured, with Corsi forced to help him remove his helmet. Controversially, there were no red flags.

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“I will ask why,” said six-time MotoGP champion Marquez ahead of the Malaysian MotoGP

“Because from what we saw from the TV it was unacceptable. That’s my opinion. But maybe there was a reason? 

“My opinion from the TV is that it was unacceptable but I will ask – first of all I want to ask why they didn’t stop the race.”

Alex Rins said: “It’s unacceptable what happened. Two or three laps with Jorge there on the track. 

“I saw some pictures, he was like screaming in pain.

“And the marshals there, the bikes sliding. Makes no sense.”

Jorge Navarro, Moto2, Japanese MotoGP, 24 September
Jorge Navarro, Moto2, Japanese MotoGP, 24 September

Rins mentioned the death of Victor Steeman, who passed away after a crash in a World Supersport 300 race earlier this month.

“We need to fix it,” Rins said. “Because last week one rider passed away. We need to fix.”

Navarro has since posted an update: “I’m okay, that my physical condition is getting better every day and I also wanted you to know how I felt on Sunday. 

"Without any doubts this was the scariest moment of my racing career and my life. To be super close at the track with the bikes passing by and seeing my leg broken in two. This shouldn’t ever happen to anyone. 

"Thank you to Simone Corsi and the Marshal who stayed by my side. A big thanks also to all of the Medical stuff at the circuit and the Alfred Hospital who took really good care of me. 

"Thank you for all of your kind messages, they mean a lot to me. The surgery went well and I am recovering. Thank You."

Navarro will move to World Supersport next season and his place in the 2023 Moto2 rider line-up will be taken by Sergio Garcia, who will partner Aron Canet for Flexbox HP40.

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