Valentino Rossi reopens rift with Marc Marquez: “He just looks bad…”

Valentino Rossi reopened his longstanding rivalry with Marc Marquez by insisting his foe “looks bad” when discussing their notorious 2015 incident.
Marquez, Rossi, French MotoGP
Marquez, Rossi, French MotoGP

Seven years ago Rossi lost out to Jorge Lorenzo in the MotoGP title battle - he repeatedly accused Marquez of aiding Lorenzo, which Marquez denied.

Rossi and Marquez then sensationally fought wheel-to-wheel in Malaysia before colliding - as a result, the Italian was penalised three points and forced to start the season-finale in Valencia in last, which cost him the title and allowed Lorenzo to become champion.

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Marquez recently reflected to AS: "Neither of us had more speed than the other, we fought for a few laps until one lost his temper. 

“I think he would have handled everything differently than he did, because the one who lost his temper was him."

Rossi, speaking to La Gazzetta dello Sport in Valencia this weekend, responded: "It is normal that he goes on with this thing, but everyone knows what happened in 2015, everyone understood it. 

“So every time he says it's not true, he just looks bad."

Rossi and Marquez have been arch-rivals since their clash in 2015, a rift that has never healed and has now seemingly reopened.

Marquez, Rossi, Dutch MotoGP
Marquez, Rossi, Dutch MotoGP

Rossi: Bagnaia is uncatchable

The legendary seven-time MotoGP champion was in attendance in Valencia to watch Francesco Bagnaia, a graduate from his VR46 academy, win the title.

Bagnaia’s maiden championship makes him the first Italian MotoGP champion since Rossi in 2009.

"Pecco is really strong, he needs his comfort zone, but when he is right with the bike he is uncatchable,” Rossi said. 

“He is also kind, polite, a good guy, you can see that he comes from a decent family.”

Rossi said about Yamaha rider Franco Morbidelli, another VR46 graduate who ended 2022 in 19th in the MotoGP standings: “I expected him to be more competitive, but he's struggling.”

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