Chicho Lorenzo’s motorcycle racing school in Majorca, Spain, is where his son learned the skills which would mould him into a three-time MotoGP champion.

It is also where his relationship with his notoriously tough father turned sour.

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Chicho Lorenzo described his current bond with his son “non-existent” in a new interview with Diario de Mallorca.

Chicho is the man behind the success of his son, Joan Mir, Augusto Fernandez and Izan Guevara - but insists his contribution has been disregarded.

"I won the challenge of proving to my son that I could breed other champions,” he said. 

“I was a key player in the sporting careers of the four Majorcan motorcycle world champions. I put the first step within the reach of any family, and without a first step there is no second. 

“No one, however, has ever thanked me. They have forgotten the importance in their careers of a very humble school that allowed them to start."

Jorge Lorenzo has openly discussed his tough upbringing at the hands of his father. Last year he described him as "like a kind of Hitler” in an interview with Antena3.