Marc Marquez injury update - “I don’t know” what my arm can do

Marc Marquez has confessed that he still doesn’t have full understanding of what his troublesome right arm can do.
Marc Marquez, MotoGP, Malaysian MotoGP, 21 October
Marc Marquez, MotoGP, Malaysian MotoGP, 21 October

The six-time MotoGP champion missed part of the 2022 season to undergo a fourth major surgery which threatened his career.

He roared back into action with a pole position and a podium finish but insists that his physical capabilities are still a mystery.

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“I don’t know what my 100% is on my right arm,” he said. “Of course, it won’t be like my left arm. It is an arm that they have opened up four times!

“I have had four different surgeries so it isn’t a normal arm.

“This winter, I need to understand what the maximum for that arm is.

“I believe, still, that I can grow a lot.

“Step by step, I began to have a normal life.

“There were still some limitations. But I began to ride motocross. It was still too early. I was just trying to understand my limit.

“Every week I feel better and better.

“One day, I will stop progressing. And I will understand what my 100% is.”

Marquez finished 13th in the MotoGP standings - despite his injury, absence and comeback he was still somehow Honda’s highest-placed rider.

In Germany this year, Honda failed to score a point in a premier class race for the first time in 40 years.

“Honda must work hard on the bike if we want to fight for the championship,” he said.

“Every year we think: ‘This will be the year!’

“We will start in February, March with the target of returning to the top. This was the target [earlier in 2022] but many things happened - diplopia, the arm, surgery, the comeback.”

Marc Marquez, Valencia MotoGP test, 8 November
Marc Marquez, Valencia MotoGP test, 8 November

Marquez documentary: “They follow me everywhere”

Amazon Prime will release a documentary about Marquez’s injury, surgery and rehab in February 2023 called ‘Marc Marquez All In’.

He said about the documentary: “It is another point of view of an athlete.

“I got up from surgery and they were already [in my face] with a camera. They follow me everywhere.

“People can understand another part of my life. 

“Winning, winning, winning - but I am human and I’m not always winning.

“People describe me in different words.

“In the documentary you will see my crying. Not always smiling and happy.

“Normally I never open the door to my house. I am quite closed. I tried to keep my personal life just for me.”

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