He purchased a Mercedes van for €13,500 in June 2020, but the dealership has complained that they never received payment, according to local media Altaveu. Barbera produced documents which, he claimed, proved that he did make a bank transfer.

A police complaint was made, alleging a debt for the sum owed.

The police, with help from the bank, now allege Barbera forged documents. There is a presumption of innocence as the investigation is carried out.

Barbera’s whereabouts are unknown to the Andorran authorities.

His residency in Andorra ran from 2014 to 2019 - so it ended before this alleged crime was committed.

Barbera was once accused by WorldSSP outfit Team Toth Hungary of stealing a Yamaha motorcycle - the bike he was due to race with.

He had been dismissed from Pons HP40, his Moto2 team, after being arrested for drink driving.

Barbera is due to compete in British Superbikes in 2023 for Tag Racing Honda.