Alex Rins gets Marc Marquez's chassis for Argentina

The knock-on effect of Marc Marquez’s absence from this weekend’s Argentine MotoGP round is that Alex Rins will be able to use an updated Honda chassis.
Alex Rins, Portuguese MotoGP 25 March
Alex Rins, Portuguese MotoGP 25 March

Marquez, who took a podium in the Portimao Sprint, has been ruled out of the Termas de Rio Hondo event after fracturing his hand when he slammed into the side of Miguel Oliveira on lap 3 of the main race.

As a result, LCR rider Rins will now get to try one of the newer frames available to Marquez and Repsol team-mate Joan Mir (Mir prefers a slightly different version to Marquez).

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“I have new parts for this race, as Marc is not here Honda allows me to use the different chassis, the one that he's riding,” Rins said.

“Let's see because we don't have like a lot of time to try. And the weather forecast is not fantastic. So it's going to be important to make a good plan for Friday.

“More or less what we are going to do is have just one bike like Portimao and one bike like with the new [chassis].

"And we are going to jump from one bike to the other to test because also on Friday there’s the chance to go to Q2 direct. So everything is super tight!”

Rins finished 13th in the Portimao Sprint and then 10th, as the top Honda, after Marquez’s accident in the Sunday race.

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