The reigning world champion said he understood the Aprilia rider had acted 'aggressively' in the heat of the moment and couldn’t help but smile that the incident occurred between two of the “most clean riders on the grid”.

The pair clashed over third place on lap 5 of the race when, after being outbraked by Vinales into the final chicane, Bagnaia then cut back under the Spaniard at the apex.

That put them side-by-side again but with Bagnaia on the outside and unseen by Vinales, who moved across to take the optimum racing line for the exit of the chicane.

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After initial contact, Vinales lost control of his RS-GP and slammed into Bagnaia for a second time, knocking the Ducati rider to the ground before also falling in the gravel.

Vinales then ran over to confront Bagnaia, shouting and jabbing at the Italian on his elbow and then helmet as he got to his feet. Bagnaia responded before the pair were separated by marshals. The pair soon calmed down and shared a scooter ride back to the pits.

Both were called to see the FIM Stewards but a decision on any punishments, for the collision or aftermath, has yet to be announced.

“From my point of view, he overtook me very cleanly, but was a bit wide. I was on the inside, on my line and when he came back [across] he just tried to [have] his normal line. But I was there,” Bagnaia said.

“So maybe I could manage better and maybe I had to close the gas. Or maybe he had to consider that I was there.

“It was unlucky circumstances and one thing that makes me smile is that it happened from two of the most clean riders on the grid. So it can happen to everybody.”

Bagnaia added: “No, [I’m] not angry with Maverick. I didn't like the reaction. It was a bit too aggressive, but when you have the tension, the adrenaline, it can happen.

“When you are hit by a rider or when you crash because you hit other riders, you are more angry because you feel another rider ruined your race.

“I consider this like unlucky circumstances. A racing incident, so I'm not angry with him.

“I was with the Stewards before and I asked to call Maverick because I think we have to improve on that and we have to speak with the two riders [together] that commit the mistakes. They have to speak with each other to share their point of view.

“Like I was expecting, at the start me and him were in the opposite way [points of view]. But when we finished the meeting, we were in the same point of view. So this is something that has to happen always. “

Bagnaia’s third race accident of the season means his title lead has now been reduced to just one point over Sunday’s winner Marco Bezzecchi.