The future of Pramac Racing rider Martin is possibly the key piece of the 2024 MotoGP rider market, after which other moves will fall into place.

His priority is to remain at Ducati but he has a contractual clause allowing him to exit if he receives a factory offer - Yamaha are longstanding admirers but may not be able to make him an enticing offer.

Jorge Martin to join Yamaha in 2024?! | MotoGP 2023

Martin was asked by Marca if his friend Espargaro could facilitate a move to Aprilia.

Martin insisted he didn’t know if that was possible, and added: “But the other day he told me that the Aprilia is a bike that he thinks I could adapt well to. 

“He says it is a bike with a lot of potential. It is being demonstrated, it is not just words.

“Right now I think they are at a very similar level to the Ducati.”

Aprilia have Maverick Vinales and Espargaro contracted for next season, and plan to keep them both.

Espargaro, the oldest rider on the grid, has even insisted he could battle on beyond 2024.

Martin was asked about Espargaro’s retirement plan, but said: “Well, I don't know. “That only he knows. The uncle has been saying that he retired ten years ago, but there he continues fighting.”

So, has Martin received an official offer from Yamaha yet?

“I have no idea…”

But he knows that his preference is the factory Ducati seat.

“Yes. I have the option of going up to the official team, just like I had last year,” he said.

“It's my priority because I want to be a factory rider, I want to be able to develop the bike and, in the end, it's the only option. 

“Because having a factory bike doesn't mean that you can develop it, which is somewhat the case right now.”

But Ducati have no plans to replace Francesco Bagnaia or Enea Bastianini as their factory riders so Martin may face a tough decision.

Is there a deadline on that decision?

“For me it is too soon now,” he said. “We have just started the championship, I am feeling strong and my priority is to be with the bike that suits me best. 

“And it is being the Ducati. I am not considering, at the moment, moving. 

“In other words, my priority is to be on an official Ducati. 

“I will raise the options, but until the summer break I think it is impossible to think of any movement.”

Will Ducati push Martin for a quicker decision?

“At the moment, nothing. In this case, it would be me who would squeeze.”

What will Martin say if Ducati ask him about hs plans?

“No, first they have to make the decision of the official rider and then, it will be seen.”

And if Ducati stick with Bagnaia and Bastianini?

“Well, I have Pramac. That's it, it is what it is.”