The future MotoGP superstar tipped by Dani Pedrosa

Dani Pedrosa has offered his insight into Pedro Acosta - including how the future starlet can take advantage of wherever KTM places him.

Such is the talent of Moto2 standout Acosta, KTM have promised him a seat in the premier class next year even though they were happy with their four contracted riders.

How the manufacturer can keep Jack Miller, Brad Binder, Pol Espargaro and Augusto Fernandez happy remains to be seen - but it’s certain that want to please Acosta.

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The 19-year-old Spaniard can even lean on the wisdom of Pedrosa - MotoGP’s best-ever rider without a championship and now KTM’s test rider who shone last week as a wildcard in Misano.

“We are very happy that Pedro is moving up to MotoGP,” Pedrosa told AS

“He is showing that he is going very strong and let's hope that this year ends as it should. There is still half a season left and he has to focus on finishing well this year. “All KTM members will try to help him with everything he needs.”

Acosta had previously been complimentary - alongside most of the MotoGP grid last weekend - about Pedrosa’s enduring brilliance.

“Of course it is a good compliment on your part and shows that you are a person who tries to focus and wants to do things well in the future,” Pedrosa reacted. 

“He is already trying to see how he will do next year, which shows a lot of intelligence on his part.”

Pedro Acosta, Moto2 race, San Marino MotoGP, 10 September
Pedro Acosta, Moto2 race, San Marino MotoGP, 10 September

There will be enormous pressure on Acosta next year given the hype for his rookie season.

“He will surely notice the media change, because the categories below MotoGP are something very different. There is a lot more media attention on MotoGP,” Pedrosa said.

“And being a rider who generates so many expectations due to his quality and results, there will surely be expectation and he will attract many fans who will get hooked on TV in the first race. 

“Chances of doing it well? I don't know, because many things can happen, but it is very valid to adapt quickly as he already demonstrated in Moto3.”

Is Acosta special?

“Because of what he is demonstrating, yes, but you don't have to put any pressure on him,” Pedrosa said.

A key question for KTM is whether to put him in their factory or satellite team.

“In our case, both teams are very good and either of them will have very good support,” Pedrosa said.

“That's no problem. Maybe there is a determining point that can be more mental, knowing that you are in the first or second team, but on a technical level both teams are very good.”

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