Jorge Lorenzo: “If Honda retained Alex, Marc Marquez has a harder decision”

Jorge Lorenzo has wondered if Honda losing Alex Marquez was their big mistake that eventually cost them Marc Marquez too.
Jorge Lorenzo, Qatar MotoGP, 6 March
Jorge Lorenzo, Qatar MotoGP, 6 March

Marc has followed his younger brother to Gresini Ducati, where he will begin a new adventure in 2024.

But the Honda-to-Ducati switch was initially made by Alex whose fortunes have been reinvigorated, and who might have been spilling secrets to Marc for the past few months.

"The fact that Honda let Alex escape has helped a lot in Marc's decision to leave Honda this year,” Lorenzo told DAZN

“If he hadn't had the reference at home from Alex who could tell him how the Ducati is going...

"Surely he told him that it's amazing. 

“‘This goes well in all the circuits and conditions, it goes well up front, it turns, it pulls, you have confidence in front…’ 

“If Honda had retained Alex Marquez, surely Marc would have had a harder time making the decision. I have no doubt.”

Marc Marquez, Alex
Marc Marquez, Alex

Lorenzo spent the final year of a MotoGP career which yielded three championships alongside Marc as his Repsol Honda teammate.

He also spent two drab years on a Ducati before the Desmosedici’s dominance began. It was a prime Marquez who delayed Ducati’s takeover and next year he will profit from their development.

Lorenzo backed Marc to be fast immediately: "Without a doubt. From day one. 

“I don't know if he will be first, second or third, but he will go fast from day one. I have no doubt."

Lorenzo: Marquez wary of his 2025 value as a free agent

Lorenzo said about Honda: "First of all, they have allowed it. Honda, in that sense, has been quite permissive. 

"I don't know the agreement they have reached. I don't know if there has been money involved in resolving the agreement or not. I think not.

"They have allowed him to do this. Honda has been very good to Marc to allow him something that they could have said no to.

"Marc has been able to do it and has decided for him. He has prioritised results, happiness and competitiveness over thn money, comfort, loyalty to Honda."

Marquez will pen a one-year deal then will become a free agent ahead of the 2025 season, when most of the riders’ contracts expire, meaning every manufacturer will have free bikes to offer around.

Lorenzo insists Marquez has one eye on 2025: “He has looked for it and prefers to take a position of much more power, start winning races again and have much more power to decide where to go in 2025, than to have another bad year at Honda without results, without victories. 

“Your value, despite being Marc Marquez, goes down.

"You know how this sport goes. You are worth your last race, your last year. 

“And, if your last year has been bad, your value as a rider declines a lot. Marc wanted to avoid that."

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