Fresh status of discussions revealed in VR46 vs Pramac tug-of-war for Moto2 star

Fermin Aldeguer is at the centre of a battle between VR46 and Pramac to acquire his services.
Fermin Aldeguer, Moto2, Qatar MotoGP, 17 November
Fermin Aldeguer, Moto2, Qatar MotoGP, 17 November

VR46 want him to step up from Moto2 to MotoGP next season to replace Luca Marini, but Pramac want him to stay put for a year then join in 2025.

Aldeguer was pictured deep in talks with Pramac’s Fonsi Nieto, Gino Borsoi and Paolo Campinoti on Saturday in Qatar.

VR46 team director Uccio Salucci told Sky: "Pramac on Aldeguer? I understand them very well. He's talented. 

“I'm sorry to talk about a rider under contract with another team, it's not our style, but this also happens in sport. 

“For now we've just had a chat, soon we could get to the heart of the discussions.”

Aldeguer told DAZN about his chance to join VR46: "I have heard that it is a possible option, but nothing is finalised yet. 

“It does not depend only on me, on my decision, it is also the decision of both my current team and Mooney VR46.”

Aldeguer was also spotted talking to VR46 bosses in Qatar, and he teased: "We have to wait, we are good friends [Pablo Nieto] and we were talking about life!”

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VR46’s Nieto added: "Well, now we are in negotiations, as is normal, and I think nothing has been signed yet. 

“There is only one race left for Valencia and we have little time. 

“But they are steps that we have to take, little little by little, the best we can and see how everything goes.

"Obviously, there are more options on the table, but it is true that it is the option that we like the most, and there is no reason to hide that we are talking with him, with Fermin.”

Acquiring Aldeguer would mean buying him out of his contract with Luca Boscoscuro’s Speed Up team, but VR46 do have other options. 

“We'll meet Boscoscuro and also Carlo Pernat for Tony Arbolino…”

However, Fabio di Giannantonio is not an option for VR46.

That means in the in-form Gresini Ducati rider, who is losing his ride to Marc Marquez, will not be in MotoGP next year.

"We are designed to work with rookies and young people, we are the only ones with two track coaches,” Salucci explained. 

“Nothing to take away from Di Giannantonio who is proving to be in the top 5 of MotoGP, but he is a 25 year old boy and we prefer to work with those that are a little smaller."

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