Maverick Vinales looking for a bike ‘that can brake late but turns tight’

Maverick Vinales concluded the Valencia MotoGP fastest for Aprilia after beginning work on the 2024 bike.
Maverick Vinales, Valencia MotoGP test, 28 November
Maverick Vinales, Valencia MotoGP test, 28 November

The factory Aprilia rider was consistently fast throughout the day before overhauling Marc Marquez heading into the final hour.

Vinales, who was winless again last season, showed enough potential to change that going forward, but to do so he is looking to have a more complete bike for the start of next season. 

Asked what items were tried at the one-day test, Vinales said: “Not a lot of big things. It was just very important to understand a few directions for the next year. 

“Of course, sometimes I’m demanding something different than the other Aprilia riders so it was important to work. 

“I tried different aerodynamics and it was important to define it in Valencia. Some swingarms which were very different, different seats, different fuel tanks. I just wanted to be more confident.”

Vinales was Aprilia’s strongest rider down the stretch in 2023 and should start next season with the confidence to fight for race wins.

A bike that brakes late but turns tight was the biggest demand from the Spaniard who wants to have it in time for the season-opener.

Vinales said: “I’m looking for a bike that can brake late because I want something that’s good on the brakes but turns tight. 

“I’m looking for that and looking for more pickup on the acceleration. Every time I can do that I gain a lot of grip compared to a normal riding style. 

“So we were just choosing the direction for next year. One of the main parts to improve was the start which we accomplished.”

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