Biaggi after huge crash: “I received messages from everyone, nothing from Rossi”

Max Biaggi has shared a back-story which sheds light on his relationship with Valentino Rossi.
Rossi and Biaggi, Chinese MotoGP,
Rossi and Biaggi, Chinese MotoGP,

The two Italians’ rivalry remains among MotoGP’s most iconic and hasn’t fully settled down to this day.

Biaggi, now 52, has reacted to a remark from Rossi where he referred to them as “friends”.

He told Corriere about his relationship with Rossi: “It’s normal, we greet each other. 

“It happened that he said: ‘My friends Stoner, Biaggi, Lorenzo’... but…

“You can’t talk about friendship. Nothing has ever been done to create it. 

“I remember when I had a serious accident, I was hospitalised for a long time. 

“I received messages and phone calls from everyone, but nothing from him.

“But no regrets.”

Biaggi, in 2017, was badly injured when he crashed during a training session in Rome.

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Many, many years earlier the Biaggi vs Rossi feud allegedly started in a restaurant.

Biaggi, in Suzuka in 1997, snapped “when you talk about me, first rinse your mouth” as Rossi spoke to the media.

Earlier this year, Biaggi reflected on the glory days of their bitter feud to Sky: "That time I had answered because he had said 'better one day at Rossi's than a hundred at Biaggi’s'. 

“In short, an action corresponds to a reaction. 

“From then on it was [an argument] especially for you journalists, although I admit that we helped you a bit! 

“But now I think we were two idiots who waged war against each other through the press instead of clarifying in person how we should have done.”

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