Jorge Martin points out key area he wants 2024 Ducati to improve in

MotoGP title runner-up Jorge Martin has pinpointed where he would like the 2024 Ducati to improve over last year’s machine.

While other Ducati riders felt the corner entry phase had been an area of relative weakness for the GP23 compared to its predecessor, Martin - who has a slightly different riding style - described front locking as his biggest hurdle.

The Pramac rider, who came close to making history as the MotoGP era’s first satellite world champion, explained:

“I think we're struggling quite a lot comparing to the other brands in terms of front locking. I think we are used to it, but it's not easy to ride when the front is locked in every corner.

“I feel like this year my biggest step was in managing this front lock, but I think it’s the point where we have to improve and to make a much more stable bike in braking.”

Martin, a race winner in his rookie 2021 season, bounced back from a winless 2022 to claim four GP wins and nine Sprint victories as he took the title fight to factory star and reigning champion Francesco Bagnaia last season.

“Pecco did an amazing first part of the season. I did an amazing second part, I think,” Martin said. “We [finished the season] as the strongest, but we weren't at the beginning of the season, so that's why we arrived behind.

“But I think that being a satellite team, what we are doing is amazing, and hopefully next season also we are going to start in this form and will arrive in a different situation at the end of the year.”

The 25-year-old will not only try again to make satellite MotoGP history in 2024, but also be out to impress the factory bosses enough to be awarded a place at the official team.

“I don't know what more I can do to show my potential,” Martin said of his rumoured factory team chances in the closing stages of last year’s world championship.

“I mean, making more than this is quite complicated: [Fighting for the MotoGP title] down to the last race, finishing second.”

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