Iconic MotoGP track completes safety work on notorious danger area

Mugello has completed safety work on an area of the iconic track which was notoriously dangerous.
Iconic MotoGP track completes safety work on notorious danger area

The wall on the left-hand side of the main straight has been pushed back further from the track itself.

An official statement said: “The space between the track and the protections has been increased with the consequent setback of the service road.”

Marc Marquez had a high-speed crash in that area of Mugello in 2013, while MotoGP riders have complained about its dangerousness ever since.

Mugello has now addressed those concerns, among others.

The area of the straight where Brad Binder hit a MotoGP record-high 366.1 km/h last year has been tweaked.

“In this area, the run-off area that runs along the straight is being widened for a total length of 450m,” the statement confirms.

“Other interventions concerned the entrance to turn 8, the iconic Arrabbiata1. 

“At this point, an asphalt area has been created that connects the track with the protection line. 

“A total of 1,500 square metres of asphalt run-off routes were added. 

“At turns 3 (Poggio Secco), 9 (Arrabbiata2) and 11 (Palagio) the kerbs were replaced with the latest generation models, FIA and FIM homologated.”

Paolo Poli, Director of the Circuit, added: "The safety of a track is not something static.

“On the contrary, it is a continuous challenge to find solutions to reduce the minimum risk that - although residual - inevitably still exists in the practice of motorsport. 

“The continuous studies and important investments that we have allocated are aimed at further raising the already very high standards of Mugello with the aim of allowing all the riders who attend it (professionals and non-professionals) to express their passion in a facility that is always at the forefront of safety and an international reference point.”

MotoGP returns to Mugello on 5-7 April.

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