Takaaki Nakagami hails new RCV engine: “All Honda riders are saying the same”

LCR rider says new Honda engine is the standout improvement on the latest RC213V.

Takaaki Nakagami, Sepang MotoGP test, 2 February
Takaaki Nakagami, Sepang MotoGP test, 2 February

Takaaki Nakagami didn’t hesitate to pinpoint what he feels is the biggest improvement on the latest 2024 Honda MotoGP prototype.

After debuting a heavily revised RC213V during last November’s Valencia test, HRC has also brought another new bike for the pair of Sepang tests.

The main change from the Valencia bike (also present in Malaysia) is the engine character.

For Nakagami, preparing to start his seventh season in MotoGP with LCR, the latest powerplant not only raises the performance bar but addresses his long-held wish for a user-friendly throttle connection, rather than relying on electronics.

“It was good. We had so many options to try and also the new bike,” Nakagami told MotoGP.com. “Everything is going well.

“Mainly I felt like the engine character is much more positive, much easier to control by the throttle. 

"The engine also has more potential, more torque and top speed.

“Everything [about] the new engine character is much more positive. All Honda riders are saying the same. 

"It looks like we find a way, the concept. Now we have another three days to try different geometry and electronics.

“We have many things to test but the first impression was good.”

Nakagami set the tenth fastest lap time, 0.883s from KTM rookie Pedro Acosta.

Like Yamaha, the four Honda race riders were able to attend the Shakedown due to the new concession rules, which will also allow them to modify their engine design throughout the season.

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