MotoGP expert pinpoints ‘most amazing thing I’ve seen’ at Sepang test

"What he’s done at this test is the most amazing thing that I’ve seen at this test," Simon Crafar says about Pedro Acosta

Pedro Acosta
Pedro Acosta

Pedro Acosta’s brilliant performance at the MotoGP preseason Sepang test has been highlighted by Simon Crafar.

The teenage phenom is the only rookie in MotoGP this year but is already touted as a future superstar by many in the paddock.

The Tech3 GASGAS rider was second-fastest on the opening day in Sepang.

But even more impressively his sprint simulation was only one second slower than Aleix Espargaro’s, who went six seconds faster than last year’s sprint race winning time.

Ex-racer and now broadcaster Simon Crafar said: “People will know, whenever we speak about Acosta, I have been playing it down because I don’t want any pressure on Pedro.

“I genuinely care. I don’t want him to get hurt. There is a lot to learn before you race a MotoGP bike.

“Then when you do race, there are all these buttons to control, maps, tyres wearing down, fuel, torque…

“To manage all this and to go fast, with all the crazy horse power and brakes and different tyres?

“To go fast and not hurt yourself?

“That’s why I don’t want to put pressure on him.

Pedro Acosta, Sepang MotoGP test, 8 February
Pedro Acosta, Sepang MotoGP test, 8 February

“But what he’s done…

“I am trying not to build him up! To give him some time…

“But what he’s done at this test is the most amazing thing that I’ve seen at this test.

“Pedro looked from Day 1 like he rode last year.

“He doesn’t look like a rookie, he doesn’t talk like a rookie. The mechanics say he doesn’t work like a rookie.

“He gives them feedback maturely, good answers, clear and accurate.

“He has absolutely blown me away.

“Then you look at his lap times? Wow, he’s unreal!”

Acosta is still only 19 years old but enters the premier class as Moto2 champion.

He has drawn inevitable comparisons to Marc Marquez who was a highly-rated Moto2 champion who won the MotoGP title in his rookie year.

Acosta will be back in action on Monday at the Qatar preseason test before the season begins on March 8.

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