Pedro Acosta plan to be KTM fastest rider revealed by behind-the-scenes footage

Can Pedro Acosta compete with Brad Binder in Qatar at MotoGP's first race of 2024?

Pedro Acosta
Pedro Acosta

Pedro Acosta signalled his intention for his first MotoGP race in a private conversation which was overheard by cameras.

The teenager has been tipped for future stardom as he enters his first premier class season with Tech3 GASGAS.

The first round in Qatar is on March 8.

Acosta shone during parts of the preseason Sepang test and let his plan be known to his closest confidantes in a chat which was captured on camera.

“I think we can be with Brad,” he said about the season-opening race.

“Top 10, let’s say. 10th, 11th, 12th. In this area, you know?

“It’s not bad for us.

“It’s true, also, that with the pace we are faster. “But we miss a bit with the fast lap.

“But it’s normal enough for this.

“If we improve in this, and we are able to be in Q2, everything is done.

“If we are in the top 10, we are able to fight for something.”

To target Brad Binder - who was KTM’s standout rider last season as he finished fourth in the MotoGP standings - is a bold indicator of Acosta’s confidence.

Still just 19, he is the Moto2 champion and his demand to step into MotoGP this season forced KTM to swiftly find him a bike.

Pol Espargaro was the unfortunate rider axed to make way for Acosta.

Acosta’s prodigious ability has drawn comparisons to Marc Marquez who entered MotoGP as the Moto2 champion, then won the premier title in his rookie year.

KTM motorsports director Pit Beirer said about Acosta: “I saw what all of you guys saw: He just stepped in and did fantastic things.

“Every day he became better and better and better during all the six days. Showing a lap time at the end which is two-tenths faster than the pole position at the end of last year.

“So the level where he steps into this class is really, really high. Everybody talked about him, how many records he had broken in the other classes, how young he is. But then it's still of course always interesting to see what actually happens when you move from Moto2 to MotoGP.”

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