Marc Marquez asked if he’d risk overtaking Alex Marquez for a race win?

Marc Marquez and Alex Marquez offer glimpse into dynamic as teammates ahead of 2024 MotoGP season

Marc Marquez, 2024 livery
Marc Marquez, 2024 livery

Marc Marquez was asked an awkward question in front of his brother Alex Marquez as they prepare to begin the 2024 MotoGP season as teammates.

The older Marquez was asked, if he was in second position in a race behind only his younger brother, would he try to overtake and risk them both crashing out?

"I took a gamble to finish seventh last year,” Marc was quoted by Marca after appearing on a Spanish TV show alongside Alex.

He commented with a laugh: “It's instinctive, but in any case I prefer to have to ask for forgiveness rather than ask for permission, even if it's my brother.”

The dynamic between the brothers as Gresini teammates will come under the microscope when racing gets underway.

"I am the one in charge in the box," Alex teased.

Marc added: "As soon as we started we had the first discussion because, when you enter the box, one rider is on the right side and another on the left.

“My entire sporting career has been on the right side of the box, so negotiating with the team manager I told him that I would like to have the right side.

“But he told me that my brother did not want to change sides.”

How will they fare as teammates?

"You always try to help a teammate, although there is rivalry because a rider’s first rival is his teammate,” Marc said.

“They both want to be the best on the track, but in this case it is different because we are brothers.”

Alex joked: "I have a pretty badass teammate.”

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Swapping Honda for Ducati

The eight-time world champion’s switch from Repsol Honda to Gresini Ducati is the key talking point heading into the 2024 MotoGP season which begins on March 8 in Qatar.

Marquez has offered glimpses of excitement riding his new bike during testing, but clearly there are also issues to iron out.

"Each motorcycle has its 'secrets' when it comes to riding it,” Marc said.

“A motorcycle can go very well but the rider has to ride it one way or another.

“So, I have been riding the Honda for 11 years, now I have changed to a Ducati and I have to automate everything so as not to fall into vices of the other bike.

"It was very difficult for me to make the decision, but once you make it, it is the right one.

“It was very difficult for me because there are people there with whom I have a friendly relationship and with whom I have worked for 11, 12 or 13 years, lifelong sponsors.

“But in the life of the athlete there are times when it is necessary to change in order to continue with the sports career and it was my turn to make this change.”

Did Marc Marquez ask for his brother's advice?

Marquez joins his younger brother Alex who, a year earlier, swapped LCR Honda for Gresini.

They will ride year-old Ducatis, while the factory team and Pramac riders benefit from the GP24.

Alex revealed that his brother started questioning him about riding a Ducati only after his move to Gresini was confirmed.

"After the decision it was a pain... I had questions all day," Alex said.

Marc insisted: "Before making the decision I didn't ask him anything because I didn't want to be influenced by anything or anyone when making the decision, I wanted to feel what I really needed and then decide.

“But once I made the decision, I started asking for information.”

Alex said about when his brother asked for advice: "Before, when I was more [new], no, but now yes.

“Now, before making a decision, he always asks me why he is more impulsive and I am more reflective.

“I can say that I am one of the only people who listen.”

Alex said about his brother’s title hopes this year: "I believe that if Marc is patient, he can reach a very high [position] at the end of the year. But you have to be patient.”

Marc added: "I haven't won a race in two years, so I can't expect to face the year thinking about winning the World Championship.

“First I will have to collect points, then get a top 5, then if I can a podium...

“I have to go little by little.”

Marc admitted his annoyance that other MotoGP riders are faster than him, as it stands.

"It annoys me, but it's the law of life,” he said. “Every athlete has his moment, then he goes down a little, then he extends it and tries to go up again... You have to learn to survive.”

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