Pedro Acosta: Overtaking Marc Marquez was “like when you lose your virginity!”

Pedro Acosta stole the show at the Qatar MotoGP - and then with his description of his duel with Marc Marquez


Pedro Acosta has come up with quite a comparison for his eye-catching overtake of Marc Marquez.

The prodigious rookie stole the show at the 2024 season-opening Qatar MotoGP by briefly getting the better of Marquez.

The 19-year-old later compared his thrilling moment to… something else.

“It lasted just long enough,” Acosta was quoted by GPOne. “It’s like when you lose your virginity - everything starts to be good and then it’s a disaster!

“It could not have ended so well. I’m satisfied, coming to the first race and overtaking so many people is what I enjoyed the most.

“It wasn’t just about overtaking Marc.

“Overtaking people, having the pace and being there was what I enjoyed the most.”

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Tech3 GASGAS rider Acosta eventually finished in P9 after tyre wear issues.

But his skill and maturity shone throughout his first round as a premier class rider.

He added about his performance on Sunday: “At the pit stop I saw that Brad Binder and Jorge Martin were increasing the pace, and I was behind them.

“That was important because, in the sprint, I was behind Alex, while [on Sunday] I was following riders like Martin and Marquez who have a very different style.

“That’s something that makes a difference when you ride on slower circuits. On that pace I felt better and I had more control.

“That’s why I tried to overtake especially in Turn 6 and 16, where it was more difficult.”

Acosta has laid down a marker that he will upset many more experienced riders before his rookie campaign is over.

He detailed the difference between his first-ever shortened Saturday race: “Overtaking was more difficult than I expected in the sprint, where we all had a smaller tank and the bike was much more responsive.

“It was moving more and everyone was faster.

“[On Sunday] with more weight, the bike was more stable, and the tyres too.

I took steps forward in terms of experience, and overtaking was easier too.”

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