Danilo Petrucci and Andrea Dovizioso share gruelling updates after breaking bones

Danilo Petrucci and Andrea Dovizioso have shared their progress from hospital

Danilo Petrucci
Danilo Petrucci

Danilo Petrucci and Andrea Dovizioso have provided updates on their conditions while still in hospital.

The former MotoGP teammates each sustained broken bones in separate motocross accidents.

WorldSBK rider Petrucci broke his right collarbone, his jaw, some teeth and a shoulder blade.

On Saturday, he revealed that he still wasn't able to eat normally.

"First time trying to eat again, with a syringe," he said.

Describing a picture on his social media (below), he said: "On the left should be pasta with broccoli and turkey."

Danilo Petrucci
Danilo Petrucci

He added: "I don't speak well but I'm getting better, they will have another operation on my collarbone soon."

Petrucci previously detailed his accident: "I lost control of the bike before a jump.

"It was one of the scariest falls of my life."

Meanwhile, Dovizioso is set to begin rehab after surgery to his broken collarbone.

Andrea Dovizioso
Andrea Dovizioso

He also suffered damage to his wrist.

Fortunately, a CT scan returned a negative result meaning Dovizioso escaped any serious head injury.

He was riding a motocross bike at a private track when he crashed. He was worryingly airlifted to a hospital immediately.

Dovizioso has previously commented to social media: “This time I really took a good hit!

“My collection of fractures is getting increasingly substantial."

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