Yamaha told to develop a V4 engine as “pull out of MotoGP” worry is addressed

“Those days are gone. The game has changed. Yamaha need to up their game and follow suit."

Alex Rins, MotoGP, Portuguese MotoGP, 22 March
Alex Rins, MotoGP, Portuguese MotoGP, 22 March

Yamaha have been advised that the development of a V4 engine will hasten their progress, which will hopefully keep them in MotoGP long-term.

The decline of the Japanese manufacturer, for so long a MotoGP powerhouse, has been stark.

And although the building blocks are in place for their improvement, they have been warned that progress will not be noticeable until at least 2025.

Michael Laverty was asked on TNT Sports if Yamaha could follow Suzuki out of the exit door of the championship.

“It is still a worry, down the line,” he said.

“We have three more years of the current rules. 2027 sees a complete change.

“They are in talks now - remove lowering devices, launch devices, how to curb aero? “Once the genie is out of the bottle with aero, it’s hard to put a full stop on it. But they want to bring control back into the riders’ hands.

“If the factories know that there is a clear path, and a change in 2027, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

“They can put another 10-year plan together.

“I know we lost Suzuki but I don’t see lightning striking twice.

“I think we may have a BMW introduction in 2027. The acquisition by Liberty Media will go from strength to strength.”

This season, Yamaha have sealed a major coup by signing Fabio Quartararo to a long-term deal, making him the highest-paid rider in MotoGP.

Max Bartolini is a high-profile engineer recruited from Ducati, while the new concessions rules give Yamaha and Honda a shot at speeding up their recovery.

Yamaha also want to add a satellite team giving them an extra presence on the 2025 grid.

“There is potential with LCR,” Laverty said

“The VR46 link is strong with Valentino Rossi but the Ducati seems to work for that team, as a whole.

“I think Yamaha need to get two more bikes on the grid. They need another set of data.

“They need to possibly develop a V4.

“If that was the little thing that Fabio was waiting to hear. If they were going to change the fundamental design of the bike.

“Every other bike is a V4. Unfortunately the inline4 had advantages pre-aero age. Now, long bike turn because of aerodynamics. Yamaha used to have such of an advantage.

“Those days are gone. The game has changed.

“Yamaha need to up their game and follow suit. 

“They are making big inroads, and financial commitments. There will definitely be a massive change on the horizon.”

But nothing will significantly aid Quartararo’s hopes this season.

Laverty assessed: “We talk a lot about the improvements made in the winter, and bringing in Max Bartolini.

“The concessions will pay dividends later down the line.

“They are in the first stages of the next development with that package.

“It will probably take at least a full season before we really see any massive benefit.

“Right now, they are on the struggle bus.

“They are in for a tough season, both Fabio Quartararo and Alex Rins.”

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