The Aragon MotoGP weekend had added drama for Pramac Ducati's Aleix Espargaro, who had to make a court appearance after qualifying!

BBC MotoGP pit-lane reporter Matt Roberts explains all:

"Aleix Espargaro joked that he almost had to race in handcuffs after getting pulled over by the local police for driving through a stop sign on Friday," wrote Roberts in his latest online column.

"After inspecting his licence, the police informed Aleix that he had already reached the maximum number of penalty points and as such was driving illegally anyway.

"After qualifying on Saturday evening, he had to dash to a local court in Alcaniz for a 6pm hearing, where he protested that he had not been informed of his ban by post.

"His case has been adjourned, although that will have come as little comfort to Aleix, who bought a new car last Monday and has now had to loan it out to a friend."

Rookie Espargaro, expected to be joined by Loris Capirossi at Pramac next season, finished the race in tenth.