Lorenzo's Indonesian trip ends in Bali

MotoGP champion Jorge Lorenzo completes Indonesian PR visit.
Lorenzo's Indonesian trip ends in Bali

MotoGP world champion Jorge Lorenzo wrapped up his Indonesian Yamaha PR tour on Monday, before starting his one week holiday in Bali.

For the last day of his official activities, the factory Yamaha star flew to Bali from Surabaya to attend a lunchtime meet-and-greet with 1200 Yamaha customers. Lorenzo took to the stage with 100 local actors to take part in a traditional Indonesian show.

Following the show was a press conference for 100 local journalists then selected Yamaha dealers and customers joined the young Spaniard for dinner at a special safari restaurant.

"Today was the last event day in Indonesia for me before my holiday here," confirmed Lorenzo, during the final 'diary entry' covering his visit. "I woke up with the Jawa Post, the main Indonesian newspaper, in my hands to see myself on the front page, today the issue was a very special "national" version.

"The morning started quietly but not for long. Again I trained a little bit and we had early lunch at eleven because the flight to Bali was at 1pm, I slept all the time on the plane. When you arrive to Bali you feel the weather change. It's a one hour flight and the time is one hour less, but there are some differences!

"From the airport we went straight to the Bali Safari. There was an amazing, typical 'Balinese' show with more than 100 actors on the stage. At the end I was called up and I shook the hands of a lot of fans. More than 1200 people came to see the show and, I hope, also to meet me!

"I still don't understand their language though so I am not so sure what they were saying. After that was the press conference with almost 100 journalists. It is my second time in Bali, but my first time for an event, last year I was here just for my holiday.

"At 6pm it was time for dinner which is very early for me. In Spain it is impossible that early, but here... I've eaten sushi, Bali's spicy soup, fish and green tea. The Safari restaurant was unbelievable. Remember when I was with Yamaha at the Monterey Aquarium? Well, this time I was not under the sea, but in the middle of the jungle!

"The restaurant is a circle and outside of the huge glass around the middle are the animals, the kings of the jungle, 14 lions, so beautiful! Also they have crocodiles, elephants and other animals. It is the biggest and best safari in Indonesia.

"The dinner was so funny because I could play with an Orang-utan, a small one who was 25 kilos and just 6 years, named Tsunami. He was born when the Tsunami attacked these countries in 2004."

'Work' over, Lorenzo will now relax for a week in Bali before heading to Malaysia on 27th January, ahead of the first 2011 MotoGP test at the Sepang circuit, which starts on 1st February.

"Tomorrow I will start my short holidays in Bali with my friend Carlos. I hope I will have enough rest. My diaries are over now. Although I will not be sending them in the next days, I really hope I will be having fun, rest and good training, so I get to Sepang in perfect shape. See you there!"

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