MotoGP will follow the lead of F1 and WSBK by introducing its own version of a knockout style qualifying system for the 2013 season.

But unlike F1 and WSBK, MotoGP will take into account free practice performance, with the top ten riders moving straight through to the second and final part of qualifying, when the top twelve grid places will be decided.

All those outside the top ten after third free practice will take place in the first part of qualifying, with the fastest two riders then advancing to QP2.

The two parts of qualifying will be just 15 minutes long, with a new (fourth) free practice session of 30 minutes added just before qualifying.

The main beneficiaries of the new system will be the privateer CRT riders, who will be the main focus of QP1 and thus get extra TV airtime for their sponsors, while the leading riders will have more track space in QP2.

MotoGP qualifying presently takes place during a single one hour session.

The full explanation of the new system, as provided by the FIM, is as follows:

New Qualifying Procedure

'1. The three existing sessions of free practice will be unchanged, however, the combined times from those sessions will determine participation in the final qualifying practice.

'2. The ten fastest riders will be seeded through to Qualifying Practice 2 (QP2).

'3. All other riders will take part in Qualifying Practice 1 (QP1).

'4. The fastest two riders in QP1 will progress to QP2, making a total of 12 riders competing for the first 12 grid positions.

'5. The riders not in the fastest two places in QP1 will take grid positions 13 and above according to their times in QP1.'

New Practice and Qualifying Schedule
Day One:Free Practice 1 45 Minutes (Unchanged) Timed for Qualifying ParticipationFree Practice 2 45 Minutes (Unchanged) Timed for Qualifying Participation
Day Two:Free Practice 3 45 Minutes (Unchanged) Timed for Qualifying ParticipationFree Practice 4 30 Minutes (New) Not Timed for Qualifying ParticipationBreak 10 MinutesQualifying Practice 1 15 minutes (New)Break 10 Minutes Qualifying Practice 2 15 minutes (New)



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