Valentino Rossi is the only motorcycle racer present on a Forbes top ten list for the highest earning Motorsport competitors.

The seven time MotoGP champion took a pay cut in order to return to Yamaha this year, but is still said to have earned $22 million, putting him ahead of reigning triple F1 world champion Sebastian Vettel.

The list is headed by F1 stars Fernando Alonso (Ferrari) and Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes).

Rossi, whose most recent title was in 2009, took his 80th MotoGP victory at Assen this year. The Italian is fourth in the world championship standings.

Forbes "looked at earnings between June 2012 and June 2013 derived from salaries, bonuses, endorsements, as well as the drivers' shares of winnings and licensing" to compile the list, a summary of which is as follows:

1. Fernando Alonso F1 $30million ($28m salary/$2m endorsements).
2. Lewis Hamilton F1 $27.5million ($26m salary/$1.5m endorsements).
3. Dale Earnhardt Jr. NASCAR $26million ($13m salary/$13m endorsements).
4. Jimmie Johnson NASCAR $24million ($17.3m salary/$6.7m endorsements).
5. Valentino Rossi MotoGP $22million ($12m salary/$10m endorsements).
6. Tony Stewart NASCAR $18.5million ($12.5m salary/$6m endorsements).
7. Jeff Gordon NASCAR $18.2million ($12.7m salary/$5.5m endorsements).
8. Sebastian Vettel F1 $18million ($17m salary/$1m endorsements).
9. Danica Patrick NASCAR $15million ($6m salary/$9m endorsements).
10. Jenson Button F1 $14million ($14m salary/$0m endorsements).



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