Still time to pick your 'Babe of Babes' for 2013!

Have you selected your 'Babe of Babes' for 2013?
Girls, Czech MotoGP 2013, Babe
Girls, Czech MotoGP 2013, Babe
© Gold and Goose needs your help to choose its motorsport 'Babe of Babes' for 2013!

The Babe of Babes shortlist includes your twelve 'Babe of the Month' winners for 2013, plus one other from each month. All of the girls look stunning, but in order to find a winner we need you to award each of them with a score out of 10 (hot). We will then tally up the totals and unveil the winner later this month.

So what are you waiting for?

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Note that some babes attended more than one race and therefore featured in more than one 'Babe of the Month' vote.

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