Hand injuries sustained in Austin meant Cal Crutchlow found himself in the unusual position of watching last weekend's Argentina MotoGP on TV.

"It's the first time in my career that I've had to miss a race. I watched it on BT Sport at home," said the Englishman at Jerez on Thursday.

"It was strange to sit back and watch from the outside, you tend to turn into an armchair racer and so I think I could have won that race no problem! The same as probably 10 other million people around the world!"

Onto more serious matters and Crutchlow gave the latest on his injured hand for his weekend's Spanish MotoGP, warning it is still far from certain that he will be safe enough to ride for the full weekend.

"I've been in the hyperbaric chamber on the Isle of Man most days. I've been able to train physically no problem after the first week, when I had bruised lungs," he said.

"I couldn't brake on a bicycle in the week before Argentina at all, so it was impossible to ride in Argentina. I had an operation on the finger with have a pin inserted into it. I had a broken fourth metacarpal and a dropped knuckle. So very sore right hand and obviously we use that hand a lot when we are riding the bike. If it had been the left hand it might be easier.

"We'll assess the situation after Free Practice 1 and 2 and because first and foremost I don't want to be a danger to myself or anyone else on the grid. If I can't brake properly I won't be riding. Mine and everyone else's safety car comes first.

"I have enough power in my fingers at the moment to brake, I think. We'll see tomorrow."



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